Everything you need to know about Toprunners




You think you’re fast? Prove it!

Play Toprunners, a classic 2D platformer video game based on Speedrun. Have fun with Glitches, Tool-Assisted Speedrun, Ghost Replay, Level Editor, Online Tournaments and a lot more.
Coming soon on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Free to play.

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Glitches and TAS

Explore the smallest corners and find bugs placed intentionally to gain speed. Cross walls, teleport, make huge jumps and much more.

Get perfect scores with a Tool-Assisted Speedrun (TAS) system worthy of the pros. A complete set of tools that lets you play the game in slow motion or even go back if you made a mistake.

Become a Star

Win medals for every level you play online. Put yourself in the rankings of your own specialty and share your performances with other players with a Ghost Replay system.

Make the scores you want by choosing your own rules. Any%, no damage, no glitch, TAS, 100%, etc.

Ready? Set? Create!

Design your own levels intuitively in minutes and share them online. Be recognized for the quality (or absurdity) of your creations.

Change the appearance and attributes of your characters. Train them often so that they balance perfectly with your gaming style.

An Unmatched Universe

Through 19 levels, learn to play by taking the role of one of the athletes participating in the first edition of the Cyber-Olympics. Discover the mysteries of a virtual universe, face surprising bosses and run through the world to catch up with your rival, who is always ahead of you.