Toprunners Release is Delayed to late 2017

That’s not a huge news for our fans who’ve been asking questions, but our game Toprunners, initially planned to be released in July 2017, is delayed.

However, it’s nothing to worry about! The game is now planned for the period of late 2017 and early 2018. And this time, there’s nothing stopping us!

Why do we need 6 more months to develop the game?

Long story short, we recently hired 3 new members and it’s a game changer for us.

We can now do the game that you want!

We are improving the graphics, the story, the controls and even the gameplay.

You’ll find us soon enough on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

And now?

We know that we’ve been less active on social networks recently. We had to take the time to setup our new team and rethink our plans.

But now we’ll come back strong with major announcements, cool game content and many surprises.

Stay tuned to our channels so you don’t miss anything!

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