See our firsts 3D models of Azura

Azura 3D Model Pose example

Can you guess why we are working on a 3D version of Azura for a 2D game?

These are low-resolution versions. Better models are coming soon.

3D sculptures by Milan Metthey.

Last chance to test Toprunners before Montreal Comiccon

GamePlay Space Toprunners Playtest

Interested in testing Toprunners’ newest features? Then join us Thursday, June 29th 18:30 at GamePlay Space Playtest!

Toprunners Pre-Launch at Montreal Comiccon 2017


Get your smartphones ready for our Pre-Launch at Montreal Comiccon 2017!

Toprunners, which have been selected by Loto-Québec, will be presented at the event’s Indie Developers Zone.

Come to get your hands on Toprunners, meet its creator and buy its brand new merchandise.

Come playtest Toprunners at Gameplay Space


Join us at Gameplay Space to playtest Toprunners!

It’s in Montreal this Thursday (May the 25th) @ 19:30.

Toprunners Team, Joliette’s new game studio, is on LinkedIn


Toprunners is launching its LinkedIn page! Follow us to learn more about our business and job opportunities. Will you be one of the 3 lucky people that will join our team this July

Visit Toprunners Refreshed Website and Blog


Toprunners refreshed its website! Faster, better, cooler. Join our community and visit our blog to discover new content!

You may now login to our website and discuss everything about Toprunners, speedrun or anything you have in mind.

Just as our game, our website is now super fast! It has a rating of 91% on Pingdom and most of its pages are loaded in less than a second.

Of course, Toprunners is a mobile game, so it does not forget its mobile users! The website is 100% responsive and offers an optimal interactivity for handheld devices.

Toprunners Team will add more content such as character bio and game mechanics description in the upcoming weeks. Follow us on our social media to make sure you don’t miss anything.


Toprunners is featured on


Toprunners is featured on, the biggest mobile game database. Visit our page to improve our popularity rank!