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1000 followers on twitter

Thanks to all our followers!
And for the others, it’s the best time to join ; )

Toprunners Team hired 3 New Members

We are proud to announce that 3 new members joined Toprunners Team.

  • Danick Carpenter: Level Designer
  • Daniel Jr. Nichols: Programmer
  • Gabriel Turgeon: 2D animator


Second Day for Toprunners at Montreal Comiccon

Martin Desrosiers Toprunners Banner Comiccon Montreal 2017

Hundreds of players were amongst the first who could play Toprunners at Montreal Comiccon. Join us tomorrow for the last day!

Photo by Kim Lo

Wow, Itzel in 3D! I think we have a new favorite character ; )


Take a look at this gorgeous 3D model of Itzel by Milan Metthey.

Stay tune to get the 3D printed version available in our online store soon.


Azura’s action figures are almost ready for 3D printing

Azura action figures 3d printing

Our 3D artist Milan Metthey has almost finished its firsts action figures.

The Azura action figure will be available soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss her release.

Visit Toprunners’ new Devlog on

Toprunners Devlog Gamejolt

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See our firsts 3D models of Azura

Azura 3D Model Pose example

Can you guess why we are working on a 3D version of Azura for a 2D game?

These are low-resolution versions. Better models are coming soon.

3D sculptures by Milan Metthey.

Last chance to test Toprunners before Montreal Comiccon

GamePlay Space Toprunners Playtest

Interested in testing Toprunners’ newest features? Then join us Thursday, June 29th 18:30 at GamePlay Space Playtest!